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Make Sure You Keep Your Resolution This Year!

With the New Years past us, Local Gyms are under a deluge of new memberships. As our article of the week said, "For local gyms, the first few weeks of the new year have been like the final few weeks of last year were for other businesses." This article, "New year, new you? Best think before joining a gym" from is a good rundown of what to consider when pursuing a new resolution to lose weight and get in shape.

A lot of these new customers don't have a solid plan in mind, and by February or March, stop going to the gym entirely, their resolutions broken. Thankfully, the author of this article, Carden Hedelt, has some tips to avoid skunking on another resolution. First off, define the reasons why they want to lose weight in specifics, not generalities. "I'm not happy with myself" won't be as motivating as "I want to look good for my first date this year," for example. Being specific helps you keep that goal in mind.

Next, keep your goals realistic. A lot of new gym goers push themselves too hard in the beginning with the hopes of quick weight loss, but this never works. The author recommends consistency and start slow. Don't overdo it.

Also, going to the gym is not enough. You must watch not only what you eat, but when you eat it. Going to the gym is great, but if you are eating cheeseburgers afterwards, it won't help. Also, you need to eat regularly to keep your metabolism up to speed, in order to help facilitate fat and weight loss.

These are just some of the tips that might help you stay in the gym this year, rather than just for a few weeks or a month. Losing weight and getting fit is a noble goal, but there's a lot that goes into it, so stay mindful of all of these factors.